Saturday, 24 April 2010

Musing about Muses

While looking for the Chagall quotes, I found something I had written some nine years ago, on the subject of muses.

I will fall in love, as is my way, with the sky and with flowers, and with blades of grass. Love is an often used, seldom understood word that covers so many things - ah!

The muse is an impossible dreaming love, whose very impossible nature makes us have to explain and express ourselves, for we are in love and it need to be shared. And the pain we feel when we think it is lost is too an aspect of the muse. But when we have learned what it is to enter the hidden dreaming love of creation and express its beauty, we can never really be truly lost, or be without love, for we have found the key to the magic kingdom.

Perhaps I should post about how much I love fairytales... particularly the Snow Queen

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