Monday, 19 April 2010

What colour is paradise?

If I had to choose a favourite artist, I would choose Marc Chagall. I love his paintings. I was lucky enough to see a small selection in real life at a galley, and they made me cry. I like a lot of art and artists, but no other paintings have made me cry... because they are simply so beautiful.

"When Chagall paints you do not know if he is asleep or awake. Somewhere or other inside his head must be an angel." - Pablo Picasso

"Art always has a little to do with magic." - Ernst Fischer, writer and art critic

"He was a dreamer and reality did not exist for him." - Leopold Zborowski, art dealer and friend

My favourite books about Marc Chagall are children's book called, "What colour is paradise?"
ISBN 3-7913-2393-8 and "Life is a Dream" ISBN 3-7913-1986-8

A quote from the book about the painting "The Magician 1968", says, "It is the artist's job to search out and portray things that are hidden from most people. If we let ourselves be enchanted (by him), we can discover a whole new world! Things can leave their usual places, change colours, stand on their heads and tell stories!"

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