Thursday, 3 June 2010

The Apotheosis of the Rose

The Apotheosis of the Rose - Joseph Stella 1926

I love this painting by Joseph Stella. It is joyous and full of hope, and is accompanied by this beautiful poem by the artist. I understand now why artists are so driven to show the beauty of creation. Although I don't know why I was chosen for such an important task... maybe I heard a telephone ringing on the sidewalk, and answered the call!

May, shining and filled with the sounds of warbling,
Proclaims its arrival with vermilion bursts if joy
radiating from the centre of the canvas like
A heart.
The clear serenity of the sky offers as an altar
The Queen of Heaven
With a silver Halo, the song that foretells the Mystic Dawn.
And from the base of the canvas arises, fluttering - propitious votive offering -
A dewy thicket of small roses and field flowers
Set in snowy whiteness.
The whiteness of two herons spring outs as if by magic out of the shining brook that echos with heavenly reasonance,
The brook toward which other birds, to bathe themselves
In the blue and the light,
To draw fresh energy for their joyous voices that they may strengthen, render more fully
The ringing Chorus of Praise
Celebrating the divine union of Sky and Earth
As they sing in unison.

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